Ex-corporate Executive Assistant transformed into Online Business/Project Manager (and loving every second of it). 
I graduated with my degree in Psychology and Management...and then felt called to more than sitting behind a desk making my (very slow) climb up the corporate ladder. When my partner and best friend moved back to his home in Sydney, I said goodbye to my family and stable corporate career and just JUMPED. Moving just two months pre-pandemic made everything harder, but without those challenges and feeling absolutely lost, I would not be where I am today - or helping the people I help today with the mission I have today. 

When I'm not working, I'm getting lost (no, literally, I am the WORST with directions) in the city, in the gym doing pilates or lifting, or spending time with my Pomeranian, Alfie. 
I'm SO happy you're here and can't wait to learn more about YOU!

I'm Claire

Hey there!

One word: Exceptional...Unique.

Claire is a self starter, thorough, has attention to detail, has a wide breadth and depth of knowledge. She is a quick learner, looks out for what is best for her clients, and she genuinely cares about helping you grow your business and holds a bigger vision with you as to what is possible so she can execute and implement for you as your key integrator. 

Jennifer Rappo

CEO & Founder of Leadcraft Inc.

Why you've been looking for me...

I'm assuming if you've made it this far you're curious. SO, here's why I know you've been looking for me. 

Before even starting my business, I knew I wanted to serve a greater purpose while still being HAPPY and living my best life. In the online space, the idea that you always need to be 'present' and 'on' is no longer relevant - or necessary. With me on your team, working behind the scenes, you will have the space
to create the business you've always wanted, attract the dream clients you've been looking for, and 
still have time to spend with your kids, or partner, or furry friends. 

This is what it means to

live your best life & achieve your full potential

about me

fun facts

I moved to Sydney, Australia in Dec. 2020 from San Bernardino, California and it was one of the scariest decisions I've made that ended up paying off...big time.

I am a HUGE foodie.

On weekends, you can typically find me at a new restaurant, trying all the foods and drinks

All the personality types:

5 STRENGTHS: Commander, Philomath, Winner, Storyteller, Coach