This is the place to be if you're looking for project or online business management. Not only do I put projects and plans into place, I also get them moving - whether this is through team delegation or task delegation to myself (yes, I still do and LOVE Virtual Assistant work, too!). 

The goal here is to help you get your to-do list done through streamlined communication and clear project plans.



Do you love iced coffee or matcha or tea (or a glass of wine or margarita - hey it's your business, however you do you) - because same.
Let's pour one out and get talking

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Okay, so I want to do THIS but where do I start? Do I need to hire someone? How long do I have until launch? Can I see this as a visual layout? How do I organize this into actionable steps? How do I delegate tasks? What should come first? How much will this cost? OMG HELP. 

Yep. Let's talk.

I offer quarterly Intensives to help you plan out your 90-day passion projects and talk through your long-term vision and give you an ultimate strategy. 

Need help with this after our call (or know you need someone but only for the short-term?) Let's talk about a project contract! This is 30-60 days of 1:1 work with me to really focus and get your projects moving, systems into place, and confidence to succeed.

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I started my business in September 2020 - and in my first month made $5k cash (and haven't made anything less since!).

Beyond the financial side, I learned quickly to become so clear with my audience and dream client, that I close 85% of my discovery calls in 30 minutes or less.

I truly believe working in the online space is manageable and running your own business is entirely worth it, that's why I want to help you do the same thing: get clear, get cash, and get confident with what you're offering and who you're reaching.



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